winning the battle against intruding pests

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winning the battle against intruding pests

I live in the country and I love it. I love the seclusion, the peace and the wildlife that fills my yard through the changing seasons. What I don't like are the pests that try to make themselves at home inside my home. I have gone through many battles over the years with the different insects and rodents that intrude and have been able to win most battles fairly easily. I built this blog with the hopes of helping others who suffer from the same determined pests that I have find a way to get them out of their homes for good.



There's A Mouse In The House! 4 Signs You Have A Rodent Infestation

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it's time to start watching for the rodent activity. If you haven't seen any activity during the winter, you might think that you're in the clear. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true. In some cases, rodents will build their nests in your walls during the winter and stay out of the way. However, with the warm weather approaching, they'll start getting active again. If you haven't seen any crawling around, you should still keep an eye out for signs that could signify a growing infestation. Here are four signs you should watch out for. If you see any of these signs, it's time to call your exterminator.

You Found Fresh Droppings

If you've discovered fresh droppings anywhere in your home – or in the yard – there's a good chance that you're looking at the beginning of a rodent infestation. The best thing you can do is call for pest control services as soon as you discover those first droppings. Waiting too long could allow a full-blown infestation to occur. Unfortunately, it's much more difficult to get rid of hundreds of rodents. Have the exterminator come out while you're still just dealing with a few rodents.

You Hear Chewing from the Walls

You probably don't want to think about this, but you could have rodents living in the walls of your home. Rodents don't always come out where you can see them, especially if they have access to everything they need from where they are. One way to tell if you have rodents in the walls is to listen carefully. If you can hear the sound of chewing or scratching coming from the walls, you've got a rodent problem that needs to be addressed.

You've Got the Scent of Ammonia in the Air

You might not know this, but rodents leave a very distinctive odor in the air, especially when there's an infestation. That odor is the aroma of ammonia, which is caused by a deep saturation of rodent urine. If your home has started smelling like ammonia, and you can't find any other cause for it, you're probably dealing with a rodent infestation. The only way to get rid of the odor once and for all is to get rid of the infestation and then conduct a deep cleaning of your home.

Your Pets Are Excited About One Particular Area

If your pets have suddenly gotten excited about one particular area of the house, and they haven't hidden a piece of food or a favorite toy there, they may be trying to tell you that there's a rodent in the house. Your pets will smell the rodents long before you do. If your pets continually go to the same area of the house, you need to call a pest control service.