winning the battle against intruding pests

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winning the battle against intruding pests

I live in the country and I love it. I love the seclusion, the peace and the wildlife that fills my yard through the changing seasons. What I don't like are the pests that try to make themselves at home inside my home. I have gone through many battles over the years with the different insects and rodents that intrude and have been able to win most battles fairly easily. I built this blog with the hopes of helping others who suffer from the same determined pests that I have find a way to get them out of their homes for good.



Uninvited Dinner Guest? 3 Tips To Oust A Mouse

Mice are among the most common household pests. Their small size and rapid reproduction can make the problem difficult to control. Before you panic, there are ways to minimize or eliminate mice before they take over your home. Contain The Problem Before you can genuinely address mice in your home, you need to keep the problem contained. You should inspect every part of your home to ensure mice are not free to come and go as they please. Read More 

Don’t Cry For Me Argentine Ants: How To Identify This Common Pest And Keep Them Out Of Your Home

According to National Geographic, there are approximately 10,000 known species of ants across the world. Chances are you've come across several common species in your own backyard, including carpenter ants and odorous house ants. However, there is another type of ant that is becoming more common in the United States, and you may find them lurking on your property: the Argentine ant. Here is some valuable information about this increasingly common pest, including how to identify them and keep them out of your house: Read More 

Simple Solutions To Follow When Traveling To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations At Home

As a homeowner, you may already mow your lawn and have your floors professionally clean, but you should also focus on pest control. While shocking for many to learn, certain pests can attach themselves to your clothing and luggage while traveling. Considering one bed bug can lay up to five eggs in one day, making sure these small pests do not travel home with you is imperative. Using this guide on tips to use when traveling, you can prevent bed bugs from catching a ride home with you. Read More 

How Mosquitoes Can Harm Dogs: Advice For Owners

If you've ever suffered from a mosquito bite, you'll know that these parasitic insects are a painful nuisance. You may also know that mosquitoes can also pass dangerous diseases like malaria to humans. What you may not know is that mosquitoes are also dangerous for your four-legged family members. Find out how mosquitoes can harm dogs, and learn more about the steps you can take to control these unwelcome pests. Read More 

Integrated Pest Management And Fruit Flies: Keep The Pests Out Of Your New Restaurant’s Kitchen

If fruit flies suddenly take over your new restaurant's kitchen, you may try to eliminate the pests with bug sprays and other chemical warfare. But that may be the wrong action to take. Your restaurant's reputation and safety may be at risk if chemicals get into your food supplies or harm your customers and employees. One of the best actions you may take to eliminate the fruit flies in your kitchen is to implement an integrated pest management plan. Read More