winning the battle against intruding pests

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winning the battle against intruding pests

I live in the country and I love it. I love the seclusion, the peace and the wildlife that fills my yard through the changing seasons. What I don't like are the pests that try to make themselves at home inside my home. I have gone through many battles over the years with the different insects and rodents that intrude and have been able to win most battles fairly easily. I built this blog with the hopes of helping others who suffer from the same determined pests that I have find a way to get them out of their homes for good.



How To Prevent And Kill Termites

Termites are pests that may not be too much of a bother to you, but they will be a bother to you when they begin eating away at your home, deck or patio. Termites can do quite a bit of damage and the extent could leave you feeling pretty bothered. Preventing termites is something every homeowner should know, as well as killing these pesky bugs. See below for some helpful tips to kill and prevent termites. Read More 

3 Potential Reasons Why You Have Ants In Your Kitchen

Having ants in your kitchen can be very annoying, and it can make you feel quite embarrassed as well. There are various things that can cause ants to be a problem in the kitchen. These are some of the potential causes: 1. You Haven't Caulked Your Kitchen Windows If you have not taken the time to caulk your kitchen windows, you should know that this can cause you to have an ant problem. Read More 

Are You Looking To Hire A Pest Control Company? Questions To Ask When Selecting A Company

Hiring a pest control company to spray your home can help to prevent pests, such as ants, cockroaches and spiders, from taking up residence in your home. However, there are many different companies out there, which can make it challenging to determine which is the right one for you. If you are looking to hire a pest control company, you likely already know to ask how much they charge and how frequently they spray. Read More 

How To Deal With A Deer Mice Infestation

Mice can sometimes seem like harmless nuisances, but having deer mice living in your home can lead to health problems for your family. This type of mouse is known to carry hantavirus, which can be very dangerous to your family, particularly children and the elderly. If you suspect you have deer mice in your home, there are a few things you can do to take care of the problem while protecting your family. Read More 

What To Do If Racoons Move Into Your Shed

Raccoons are pretty from a distance, but when they move into a shed on your property, they become more of a nuisance than an admirable element of nature. Raccoons carry rabies and other diseases, they've been known to destroy property and eat homeowners' trash, and mothers can become quite vicious if they think their babies are being threatened. If there are raccoons living in your shed, follow these dos and don'ts: Read More